COVID and garment disinfection

COVID 19 has been declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a global pandemic. To mitigate its effects, the WHO recommends washing and disinfecting tissues at 60-90º. However, a simple look at the labels of any garment, whether for work use or not, allows us to conclude that a large majority of these do not allow washing above 30-40º, according to the express recommendation of their manufacturers, as well as the detergent producers. Subjecting the garments to regular washing at 60º means that they shrink, fade, etc.

Washing clothes at 30 ° C is not only better for clothes, it also avoids the enormous energy cost of washing at high temperatures and is positive for the environment and the sustainability of the planet.

The Healthy Program

Our exclusive and patented Healthy ironning program replaces washing at high temperatures since it allows to eliminate bacteria and viruses from garments with an effectiveness greater than 99.9999999%.*

An iron or ironing center for the simple fact of having steam technology does not eradicate the virus if it does not do so with a specific temperature range and with a speed of transfer to the tissue and at a higher temperature. Our Healthy models achieve this thanks to the patents developed by our R + D + i department and that is why we have incorporated this program in our last two models, in order to obtain an ironing with an effectiveness greater than 99.999999%, protecting your clothes and your family.

* The tests carried out by the University of Navarra and by Eurecat (Technological Center of Catalonia) against four types of microbes (C.Albicans; S.Aureus; E-coli; and B.Sutilis) give as a result that said technology totally eliminates these bacteria. Lipid-enveloped viruses, such as Sars-CoV-2, known as coronaviruses, have been shown to have lower temperature resistance than E-coli-type bacteria and much less than spore-based bacteria such as B. subtilis, both observed in the aforementioned study. Thus, the same laboratory corroborates that its effective result can be extrapolated against COVID-19. “As with bacteria, heat also inactivates the virus.”